Category: Lifestyle

Halloween In Miami with Wednesday Addams

While browsing through YouTube with the wife the other day we stumbled upon the Adult Wednesday Addams series and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it, we both found it quite entertaining. After finishing […]

Bryant Urban Lifestyle Session

We’ve been on a kick of photographing men lately. I tend to obsess over areas where I feel like I need to improve until I feel satisfied so who knows what I might come up […]

Miami Pink, Men’s Lifestyle Session

Men typically are not fond of being in front of a camera, hence as photographers we usually get pretty rusty photographing them. I know most people reading this will ask “but if you shoot couples […]

Swimwear Model Test Shoot

Although we live in Miami I find I barely find time to go to the beach. If we are at the beach we are usually shooting a family or engagement session. Vic Pinto (a fellow photographer […]

Portraits of the Dancer

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Nia Ramirez in Coral Gables Florida for a lifestyle session. It is always easy and effortless to photograph dancers since they have great control over their […]

Canadian Boheme in Coral Gables

Every once in a while you work with someone who just makes your job so easy and effortless, that it serves a reminder as to why you fell in love with gripping a camera in the first […]

Made in Perú with Love

If you are a thrifter then you must know the feeling when you find an item that just calls to be the center of attention. This wonderfully awkward tennis sweater is a prime example, to […]


I want to live a life with intent, and to that end have recently begun starting my day with setting my intentions. Often it is a trio of words or ideas of what I want to attract for […]


Getaways, escapes, even staycations… the all important “me” time that can provide a reprise from the hectic. Hash and I try to do a mini trip once a month… Something to satiate the wanderlust and quell my bohemian life desires… […]